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 Unlike many Atlanta pawn shops, we are trusted in the business and we will provide you with expertise and friendly customer service.

Our loan rates can start as low as 5%, unlike many pawn shops with 25% !!

At RCL,You Are Allowed To:

Get up to $500,000 without credit checks, a pay stub or a lengthy application process. Make your payment over the phone and save on gas!! Extend your loan as long as you want. There are no minimum or maximum loan periods when you keep your loan current. You choose the length of your loan term and you can redeem your items at any time, without penalty. Borrow money today on your valuables without having to sell them cheap.

Loan or Sell?

You may have this common question: should I sell my item or get a loan? At Regal Capital Lenders, you will find two great options. With our low rate loan program, if you think you might miss your special something or it has sentimental value, you always can get your valuables back after you pay off your loan. 

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Regal Capital Lenders, No Credit Check Loan Opportunities

Regal Capital Lenders offers some unique services. When you want money in a hurry, there are few ways to receive what you need within a few minutes time. However, this can be very important if you have an emergency or you need fast cash and you need it now. Here are some important reasons to choose a Regal Capital Lenders.


Perhaps you are in need of financing. Maybe there are some major plumbing problems at home. Your car might be broken down and repairs could set you back a lot of money. Waiting until you receive the funds may not be an option when you have these types of situations. That is why many people turn to their local pawnbroker for things like a diamond loan or jewelry loan.


Diamond loans can be one of the best ways to get some quick money when you really need it. Think about this, if you are looking into payday loans it may be tempting to borrow the money online and pay it back on your next pay period. However, there are some disadvantages with payday loans that you will not encounter with a jewelry loan from a pawn shop Atlanta residents trust.


Most payday loans have a limit of about one thousand dollars and in some cases your limit may be lower than that. This kind of money may not be enough to handle the repairs that you need to your car or for other things. In addition, when you pay the money back on your next paycheck, you might not have enough to live on until your next payday, and there might not be enough to pay all the bills. This does not happen once you take out a no credit check loan from Regal Capital Lenders.


Maybe you are thinking about using your credit card to pay for something you need like an unexpected expense. Interest rates on cash advances can be very high, and not everyone has a charge card that gives you very much money this way. Also, this could drastically raise your monthly payment and if you make the payment late, you could seriously hurt your credit rating and chances to borrow money in the future. A diamond loan taken from a pawn shop Atlanta trusts does not have to be paid back, so there is no way that you can damage your credit rating.


Whenever you apply for payday loans, charge cards, and many other types of financing, your credit rating is usually checked. In some cases, you may be refused financing. At a pawnbroker, your credit is never checked for a jewelry loan. You are never considered a risk to the lender because you are providing adequate collateral for your no credit check loan.


When you take out paycheck loans, you must have a job. In most cases, you should be gainfully employed for at least six months. In addition, you have to be making a minimum amount of monthly income in order to qualify. When you take out a jewelry loan at your Atlanta asset lender, you do not have to be gainfully employed. In fact, they do not care if you are working or have a permanent residence. These things do not enter the picture.


Perhaps you have never applied for loans before. If you go to a bank or credit union, they may look at you and tell you they cannot lend you any money. Most lenders want someone with a credit history and they may ask that you go out and get someone to co-sign before they can do business with you. This never happens at a Regal Capital Lenders.


If you have something of value that you wish to borrow on, you have another option at your Atlanta pawn shop. You can bring the item in and someone there will appraise it for you. They will then give you the option of borrowing or selling. If you do not think that you can pay back the money you are better off selling, in most cases. This will usually give you more money in your pocket.


There are many reasons to visit Regal Capital Lenders when you need money. You can take advantage of a diamond loan, jewelry loan, or just about anything that has some kind of value. Once you visit the kind of asset based lender Atlanta trusts, you can receive a no credit check loan in minutes and be on your way. This can give you all the money you need to take care of your business at hand.

We Care about the Safety of Your Assets.

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Here at Regal Capital Lenders, we work hard to make sure that all of our transactions are completely private and discreet.  You can trust us completely.  We take all precautions when handling your valuables by photographing and labeling each item. For our customers convenience, all items will be sealed in front of the customer and sealed package will be opened by the customer at the time of redemption. Everything is stored away in its own safety deposit box located inside our walk-in safe.Your items are insured and our offices are highly secured with a 24 hour state-of-the-art security system.

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