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Fine WatchesRegal Capital Lenders is one of Atlanta's premier designer watch and luxury timepiece buyers. Whether you have a Cartier, Rolex, Omega or other fine timepiece, the dependable fine jewelry experts at Regal Capital Lenders are ready to appraise and purchase it from you at a fair and accurate price.

These are luxury timepiece brands that we buy:

  • Cartier
  • Rolex
  • Bulgari
  • Breitling
  • Corum
  • Harry Winston
  • ZenithFine Watches
  • IWC
  • Frank Muller
  • Omega
  • Patek Philippe
  • Tag Heuer
  • Panerai
  • Audemars Piguet
  • Chopard
  • Bell & Ross

In today's economy, it just doesn't make a lot of sense to keep valuable watches lying around collecting dust when you can sell them for a substantial profit. While selling your luxury items is a great option, there are many unscrupulous buyers on the market who look to take advantage of unseasoned sellers. It is worth investing some time in researching reputable fine jewelry and timepiece buyers to ensure you and your items are well taken care of.

Here at Regal Capital Lenders, we pride ourselves on offering top dollar for your fine watches. Our superb rates and excellent customer service have made us a favorite among our customers in Atlanta. Bring us your watches today and see how much money you can receive!

What A Rolex Watch Buyer Must Know

Expensive and quality jewelry clearly brings out a sense of class in a person. Anyone seen with expensive designer clothes or jewelry is respected because it is something that is not common. There are several luxury watch brands therefore buyers have a wide choice to pick from. A Rolex watch buyer must have clear knowledge of what they are looking for.

There are several retail outlets across the globe creating proximity to every client to get their dream products and even upgrade to other fine watches. There are also fine watch repair services across the globe. It is always important to get information regarding the watches from reliable sources to end up with the right product.

Not every watch in the mark will always be accurate and long lasting. There are fraudulent retailers who sell watches that are fake and end up getting faulty within a short time. Original Rolex watches are made my professional watchmakers who spend a great deal of time ensuring that only the products that are perfect are released to the market.

For fine Watches Repair Atlanta professionals ensure that watches presented to them are tested using modern technology to ascertain the source of the problem and get them restored within the shortest time possible. Even though many repair shops are available across the globe, Rolex watchmakers offer exceptional services and are capable of handling any case of maintenance, restoration or repair.

Most Rolex watch makes have over 30 years experience in the industry and so they are capable of offering accurate information to any fine watch buyer across the globe. Over the years, customers have shown a lot of loyalty to Rolex watches because of the degree of authenticity and quality of products. This is an invaluable aspect that is not seen in most shops worldwide.

One interesting provision is that customers are treated to a special 10 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty to ensure that customers are fully satisfied with their products. This has created a cordial relationship between the firm and loyal customers globally. Clients are therefore confident that what they bag from the shops will serve them rightfully and for a long period of time after leaving the store.

There are several popular and prestigious models including Submariner, Datejust, Cosmograph, Daytona, Air King, Submariner COMEX, and President Day-Date among others. There are estate brokers and collectors in Atlanta as well as globally to ensure that customers do not have to spend much on getting the products shipped to them. There is always a high chance of customers getting their unique products from the outlets either in the United States of globally.

Price is an important determiner when looking for products. Rolex watches are available at unbeatable prices to ensure that almost every buyer has access to these wonderful products. Apart from selling the watches, most of these outlets also offer a reliable and secure market for owners who may be looking for safe ways of selling their used watches. Any buyer looking for trustworthy buyers can get their possessions bought at competitive prices.

There are several payment options to ensure that sellers or buyers can easily sell or buy products using methods that are most convenient to them. When buying gold or diamond, it is important to take as much time as possible to evaluate the products before making a purchase. Owing to the fact that these are very valuable possessions, a buyer or seller must always be sure that the person or company they are trading with is legitimate.

Getting the connections from reliable stores can help a seller get several potential customers from all over the world who would offer good prices. Contacting every shop with a label indicating that they are buying gold may not be the safest way to go. It is important to trade with reliable Rolex outlets worldwide.

To get a Rolex Buyer Atlanta outlets offer easy access to clients looking for better returns from their investments. Privacy is very important when dealing with sensitive and expensive products like gold and this is what the outlets value at all times. The selling process should be smooth and straight forward. Regardless of the model one is looking for, the best option is always getting information on official outlets so that no one regrets in the end. No one would wish to lose their valuable possessions to fraudulent deals which could be easily avoided. Customers across the globe can get reliable information from blogs and also look for customer reviews from the internet to be on the safe side.

At Regal Capital Lenders we accept High End Luxury Brand timepieces for Collateral loans, asset based loans or to purchase.  Some of the brands that we accept are:  Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, IWC, Omega, Frank Muller, Patek Phillipe, Tag Heuer, Panerai, Audemars Piguet, Chopard, Bell & Ross.  Bring your Luxury Designer timepiece in to Regal Capital Lenders today for an evaluation by our GIA Graduate gemologist.  If your brand is not on the list please feel free to call or come by to confirm that it is a brand that we can accept.  Regal Capital Lenders pays top dollar for High End Luxury Brand timepieces.

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Here at Regal Capital Lenders, we work hard to make sure that all of our transactions are completely private and discreet.  You can trust us completely.  We take all precautions when handling your valuables by photographing and labeling each item. For our customers convenience, all items will be sealed in front of the customer and sealed package will be opened by the customer at the time of redemption. Everything is stored away in its own safety deposit box located inside our walk-in safe.Your items are insured and our offices are highly secured with a 24 hour state-of-the-art security system.

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